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Vancouver Fan Expo

Posted by Kaytlyne Dewald on

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Had a great first day in my first out-of-province show in beautiful British Columbia. I'm quite happy the rain decided to quit and give a sunny day to all the amazing cos-players at the show tonight. I arrived in Vancouver on Tuesday for a nice visit with family that live here on the coast and had an icy welcome with all the rain. Looking forward to tomorrow, come by and say hi. There is tons to see: a life size wooden Tardis, tons of awesome t-shirts, boxes and boxes of comics ( I'm already stocking up for some upcoming pieces), body spray painters, lots of guest and just a load of fun. I love talking about my process, starting a business, game of thrones, lord of the rings, Harry potter,... The list goes on, I would love it if you came by for a chat!

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