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About the Artist

About the Artist

Kaytlyne or "Kay" is the artist and creator behind Kay Pop Art. She started this business at the young age of 14 selling her paintings at a local farmers market. Growing up her parents owned a movie rental store, where this whole thing really started. Being immersed in pop culture she was there everyday after school. Helping, reading, drawing as her childhood was spent behind the counter of that movie store.

She's always loved exploring fictional worlds with her paint brush. Having the books in the background of paintings allows her to illustrate what’s written in the pages.

Over the past few years the business has grown from a little farmers market stall to a full booth with her artwork being printed on useful everyday items like clothing, totes, and blankets! It’s very surreal to think how far this little business has come.

Middle Earth Inspiration

Whimsical Fantasy inspired designs are custom printed from original Artwork painted by Kaytlyne in her little backyard studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Inspiration from Middle Earth

Inspiration from Middle Earth

"I was eleven years old and my love of Reading and Fantasy was just beginning. My Dad had bought tickets for the two of us to go and see the midnight opening of Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Rings. I had heard my Dad talk about his love of the books and was so excited to be staying up so late on a school night to go and see a movie with him.

From the opening of The Shire to the forming of the fellowship I was entranced. I felt a little deprived as I had no previous idea of this amazing adventure of middle earth that was playing out before me. I was questioning why my dad hadn’t given me the books sooner.

The next day he came home and gave me my very own copy of The Hobbit."


Inspired by the Wizarding World

Inspired by the Wizarding World

"My love of Harry Potter came at a very young age. I have always loved reading and one of my favourite things was going with my Dad into the city because we would always stop at the bookstore and I would get to pick out a new book.

One year for Christmas I unwrapped an interesting looking book called Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone. My Dad told me the guy at the bookstore just got them in and they were selling really well.

From the first chapter I was transported into the world of Wizards, Owls, and Magic. I was hooked the remainder of my childhood and into my teens years. I went to every mid-night book release and opening night of the movies.

The series defined my childhood and its one of my favourite things to paint."


I am absolutely in love with this dress. It’s flattering and fashionable. So proud to wear a piece of your beautiful art when I’m out and about... Kept my phone, ID, CCs and lipgloss in the pockets and the dress is made in such a way that you couldn’t tell what I was hauling around with me.

This blanket is not only beautiful, but also incredibly cozy. It looks so pretty on our couches, and is well made. A must have for the Potter lovers in your life. I’d love to see more blanket designs in the future (you can never have too many cozy things).

A group of us (7) got matching shirts and skirts and they are unbelievably comfortable to wear, plus, you will definitely gets compliments when wearing them. I am a plus size man and it fit perfect 🥰

Exactly as pictured, and the material is excellent quality . Perfect fit. Excellent customer service. This is my 5th skirt from kay pop. I wear them teaching, and I always get tons of compliments when I do.

This is as gorgeous as you think it is when you see the photo! I cannot wait to hang it up on my wall. Seriously beautiful work! Will 100% order from this shop again.Also, thanks for the little extras! I love them.Great service, fast shipping, and beautiful, quality work.

This is my new favourite dress! The artwork is stunning and absolutely captures the mood of the Shire. The dress itself is comfortable and flattering. I have already bought 2 other dresses because I am so chuffed about this dress! Can't wait to see more Tolkien inspired pieces!