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I have a great story for all you Edmonton Eskimo Fans!

I have a great story for all you Edmonton Eskimo Fans!

I created a custom painting that was ordered at The Fringe Festival this year. I finished up the painting and had a meeting with the recipient at a Starbucks like I usually do. I had a note beside the order that the painting would be traveling to Washington at some point. So we sat down and talked a bit about the new piece and I asked about the painting traveling into the states. He explained that he is here playing football and depending on when the season ends he will be taking it back home with him. My response was "Oh cool, Do you play for a local team?" and his response was "Yah, The Eskimos". I then apologized as I obviously don't watch sports and asked how the season was going. 

Once we finished chatting he picked up his painting and I went to grab the door to leave when a lady stopped me. She had seen my CTV interview and was gushing over me and my work as if I was the famous one when the real celebrity was standing waiting with his painting.

When I got home I told my dad the story and he asked what the name of the guy was. I looked at the receipt and it was "J.C. Sherritt". My dad just laughed.

Congratulations to J.C. and The Edmonton Eskimos on winning The Grey Cup!

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