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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

I was so excited to meet Matt Smith over the weekend at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. I went up to get him to sign one of my canvas prints and insisted on using my paint pen. While we was signing the pen exploded and ink smeared down the painting and got black all over the hand and sonic screwdriver.

He felt terrible but there was not much to do. I left with the painting in my hands and was so disappointed in how it turned out. I was at my booth a little upset and my boyfriend told me to grab another canvas print run back and see if he would resign it. Whats the worst that could happen.. they would just say no. So I grabbed the ruined painting and a new one and ran through the crowds back to the autograph area. Luckily the front of the line security was distracted to I ran past her up to the front and explained what had happened to the volunteer at the front. They put me next in line and I got a new signature!

After the new one was signed he asked me what I would do with the other painting. He then wrote "Sorry I ruined your Painting" in the top left corner. "Stay Cool, Bowties R Cool XX :)" in the right corner then to the right of my image he did a self portrait of himself. So I now have 2 signed Matt Smith Paintings! I had to keep the "ruined one" its now framed beside an awesome Tardis painting I found in Artist Alley.

I am still debating on keeping both or selling the nicely signed one but the personalized one will be on my wall forever! BEST EXPO EVER!

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