Coffee Mug of The Master Sword


This mug can either hold:

11 oz, and measures 3.25"H.

15 oz, and measures 4.25"H.

Your white ceramic mug has been heat pressed with my original artwork! I have desgined the mugs with my image on the front and my favorite quote on the back. These Mugs are incredibly durable for daily use, and can withstand multiple washes in the dishwasher. 

My work is created due to an uncontrollable passion for the pop culture industry and exploring our relationship with characters and worlds that are created. Growing up my parents owned a movie rental store in Morinville, AB and I was raised on films. 

As a local Edmonton artist it is an amazing thing to have the opportunity to share my work with you. Your purchase today is the reason that I can be a full time artist. Thank you for making the conscience choice to buy directly from the artist! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

These mugs are made and ship out of the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing products!

I’ve been a big fan of Kay Pop Art’s products for a long time and this new mug is superb! They print the design on right in front of you when you find their booth at events and each tilt in the image is proof that these mugs aren’t mass produced and instead made for each individual person with each individual purchase! 10/10!

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