Canvas Print of The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars


Your new canvas comes stretched around wooden bars and is ready to hang.

Printed on a cotton-poly canvas, this comes in 16" x 24" with a 1" thickness.

This is a canvas print of my original art work.

My originals are created firstly with comic or book pages that I physically adhere to the canvas before painting my black and white portraits on top. Having the comics in the background not only adds color to the black and white image but also provides a unique texture that I feel makes my work so personal.

My work is created due to an uncontrollable passion for the pop culture industry and exploring our relationship with characters and worlds that are created. Growing up my parents owned a movie rental store in Morinville, AB and I was raised on films.

As a local Edmonton artist it is an amazing thing to have the opportunity to share my work with you. Your purchase today is the reason that I can be a full time artist. Thank you for choosing to use Etsy and making the conscience choice to buy handmade directly from the artist!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Customer Reviews

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Housewarming surprise was a hit!

I decided to check out your clearance specials and immediately thought of my nephew as soon as I saw the Millennium Falcon canvas print, as he has been a huge Star Wars fan for years. I thought it would make a perfect apartment warming gift for him, and easy to send him on the other side of the country from me. Well, as soon as he got it, I heard from him. He just loved it.

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