Price & Size Guide



Do you paint any images or ideas? 

I will take on a few custom orders per year. I am quite selective about what I will paint. Sorry no personal customs like Family Photos, Dog Photos, Cars ...etc. 

I will take commissions for Pop Culture related material but only if it's something I am personally interested in. 

I alway give any custom pieces a chance and see if I can connect with the characters.

In the past I've taken commissions that I wouldn't personally do by choice and they never turn out as I would like them to. It's hard putting work out there that I am not happy with.

So depending on what image or idea you would like I may not be able to work with you.  


How long does a painting take? 

The timeframe of a painting can vary. Typically I need 2- 4 weeks but depending on the size and detail. I can work with specific dates depending on what your looking for. 


Do I own the right to the painting that I commission? 

As the artist I own the rights to the painting and may use the finished piece for advertising, social media posts or to produce prints. 


Can I get a Canvas Reproduction? 

The Canvas prints are all produced off my original painting so unless your interested in purchasing an original I cannot do a canvas print of an idea. 


If you are interested in taking more about getting a custom painting done please send me an email outlining what size and idea your interested in and we can go from there! 


Thank you!