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Art around the World

I am very excited about launching a little travel experiment on my 6 week vacation through the Philippines and Japan. The project is called "Art around the World". We have 100 prints per week that will be leaving: at the airport, in restaurants, museums, hostels, everywhere and anywhere we travel from January 31st until March 10th. The project is not only to see how and where my art will travel but is also a contest with a free canvas up for grabs.


Once you find a print, you can enter to win the canvas with the following steps:
  1.  Take a photo of this print: at a landmark, with a local drink, with a local, as a selfie... get creative! 
  2. Share it on Social Media and hashtag #ArtAroundtheWorld along with a few hashtags of your own! 
  3. This is very important, you need to tag me to enter: 
         Instagram: @Kay_pop_art
         Twitter: @Kay_pop_art
         Facebook: Kay Pop Art Studio
  4. The photo with the most likes will win a FREE canvas! This includes any print on my website, delivered to your door. Completely FREE anywhere in the world!

The canvas will go to the photo with the most likes on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on March 31st, 2016 at 12:00pm MST. To get more likes share the post with your family and friends!

You can then: Frame the print, use it as a bookmark, give it as a gift... or pass it on for someone else to find!